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Your Haikus

A haiku is a non-rhymed verse genre. There are 5 syllables in the first sentence, 7 in the second and 5 again in the last sentence. Should you be inspired to write an ecologically minded haiku or perhaps one inspired by salmon or wine we’d love to post them on the website (actually anything that brings a smile to our face would be great). Please send them to info@cohowines.com and put haiku in the subject line. Be sure to include your full name and hometown so we can give you proper credit. With your permission your haiku will be published here.

Quench your many thirsts
As salmon imparts knowledge
Coho Headwaters
Michael Shifferd, Ozark MO.

the earth is god's gift
   sustainable habitat
     soil for future food
Francis Barry, Pittsburgh, PA

clear fresh waters call
habitat restored in time
pass on your knowledge
Nathan DeCamps, Charleston, SC

the soft soil beckons
climbing vines in the moonlight
we all swim upstream
Andy Diamondstein, San Francisco, CA

Bright water spawns life
Death pays debt on fertile banks
Salmon of knowledge
David Clark, Del Mar, CA