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January 2018


Dear Friends,

With the exception of Pinot Noir, COHO wines are usually comprised of Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, and a small percentage of Petit Verdot grapes. A question I’m often asked is “what does one or two percent of Petit Verdot add to the final blend?”

In Coombsville where the Chinn Vineyard is located (the source of our Petit Verdot), the cooler climate often imbues the wine with a dark inky color, and flavors of blue/black fruits like plum and blueberry. The aromas tend to be floral, reminiscent of lilac, violet, and sometimes sage. It is a grape that adds nuance and depth to the blend of whichever wine in goes into.

I mention the above because sadly for the 2017 vintage the Chinn Vineyard hadn’t yet been picked when last year’s fires broke out. Though fire never overtly threatened the vineyard, the smoke from the surrounding area hovered over the site, and tainted the grapes, making them unusable. It was very sad to see this beautiful fruit having to be cut to the ground for the birds, turkeys, and deer to enjoy.

Luckily the vineyard was properly insured so there was no revenue loss for Daryl Chinn, and the vines and soil are in good shape and should be back to producing delicious Petit Verdot in 2018. As for COHO’s wines from 2017 by omission we all may be able to answer what that one or two percent of Petit Verdot adds to the wines.

If you are interested in trying to evaluate the contribution of one percent Petit Verdot I am happy to announce the release of the COHO 2014 Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon. The rest of the blend, 77% Cabernet Sauvignon and 22% Merlot, is sourced from exceptional vineyards on State Lane (off Yountville Crossroad) and Coombsville. Like all COHO Cabernets the 2014 is a supple and balanced wine that is eminently drinkable now, but will continue to develop complexity and finesse as it ages. If your preference is for a rich Cabernet Sauvignon that belongs on the dining table instead of the trophy case this wine will be a welcome addition to your cellar.

The remaining wines on this Winter/Spring offer are the 2013 Michael Black Vineyard Merlot, 2013 Headwaters, 2014 Stanly Ranch Pinot Noir, and 48 remaining bottles of the 2013 Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon.

Also available, but getting low in inventory, are two wines that won’t be followed up with new vintages. The first is the 2014 Old Poodle Dog Cabernet Sauvignon. The sad truth is that the cost of Cabernet Sauvignon fruit in Napa Valley has increased to a point where we can no longer afford to produce this wine in Napa.  My hope is to debut a new Poodle Dog in a few years’ time comprised of fruit from another region.

The COHO “C2” is also almost depleted. This is a one-time combination of fruit from the Michael Black Vineyard Merlot and Diamond Mountain’s SummitVine Ranch Cabernet Sauvignon (plus 5% Chinn Petit Verdot) creating a luscious wine from the 2012 vintage.

If you are a fan of either of these wines this is your last opportunity to purchase them. Please sign in to your account (or create one) where you can find your allocations for all the available wines.

As always, I thank you for your interest and support of COHO.