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Summer 2014

Dear Friends,

I did a lot of market work around the country this past winter and spring, and I found that the reports on TV were accurate, the weather almost everywhere was BRUTAL. I don’t mean to drudge up bad memories, instead I offer you my best wishes for a really lovely summer washed down with copious amounts of COHO.

Our summer in Napa is off to an excellent start. The weather issue we had this past winter was a lack of rainfall. Luckily several late season storms provided enough water to insure a good and healthy grape crop. We are a long way from harvest, but so far Mother Nature is orchestrating an ideal start to the growing season.

A Cabernet to Age

I had a really nice conversation this morning with a long time COHO customer from Nebraska. He was commenting on how nicely the COHO SummitVine Ranch Cabernet Sauvignon ages. He has several older vintages still in his cellar, but the temptation to open and enjoy them brought his inquiry as to what’s next. I told him that it was good timing as this newsletter introducing the release of the 2011 COHO SummitVine Ranch Cabernet Sauvignon was imminent.

Making wine is never easy. There’s always a lot to consider and decisions to be made. 2011 provided lots of challenges in the form of cool and wet weather. Our answer was to pay attention to what was happening in the vineyard and use the best practices to help the vines ripen to their full potential. The result is a wine with aromatic intensity, bright flavors and spice, balance, and finesse. I have previewed the 2011 COHO SummitVine Ranch Cabernet Sauvignon with key trade and consumers the past few weeks and the comments have all been the same; delicious. And we all agreed that even as appealing this young Cabernet is now, it exhibits the type of structure to age beautifully over the next ten years.

About Copious

One of the best parts of my work are the days I open COHO wines to sample restaurants, wine shops or consumers. If I do it right there’s usually at least a quarter of a bottle of each wine left at the end of the day. And I know just the right place for them to end up; my dining room table. It may take several days to finish them all, but it’s reassuring to see how the wines continue to open and evolve. We seem to be doing it right.
In addition to the 2011 COHO SummitVine Ranch Cabernet Sauvignon the 2011 COHO Stanly Ranch Pinot Noir, the 2010 COHO Headwaters and the 2010 COHO Michael Black Vineyard Merlot are currently available for sale on our website. I plan on enjoying them all throughout this summer and I invite you to do the same.

Summer Shipping

  • With the arrival of hotter weather we have instituted some changes to our shipping policies. Orders to Western states will only be shipped on Mondays.
  • If you live outside California but in a Western state we encourage you to protect your shipment by purchasing an Arctic Pack (a selection on the allocation page). The Arctic Pack will keep your wines at around cellar temperature while they are en route.
  • If you live in the Midwest to the East Coast we are pleased to announce that COHO is now offering FedEx Cold Chain. It is a seasonal refrigerated transport solution that has been used to great success.
    • Your order will be picked up from our fulfillment facility in a temperature controlled truck, sorted and consolidated at a temperature controlled facility and then loaded onto temperature controlled line haul vehicles.
    • Once the packages are off loaded at one of five regional hubs they are delivered to you via FedEx Priority Overnight network and in most cases at your door the next day at 10:30 a.m.
    • Orders that are placed before Friday noon each week will be picked up by FedEx at our facility on the following Friday and delivered to you the following Tuesday or Wednesday
  • If you would prefer we are happy to hold your order for you until October or November when they can safely be shipped via FedEx Ground
  • 2 Day Air is always available.
On behalf of my partners Brooks, Beth, and Sheila I thank you for your continued support.

Gary Lipp


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